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I have a personal training & nutrition background. In 2011, I became a new dad. In 2012, I married my amazing wife Jessica. In 2014, my wife and I had our first and only daughter, and very soon, I will be formally adopting her beautiful 6 year old son.

I've come across many wellness products over the years. Every morning, like clockwork, the *first* thing I ingest is a GBG 10-In-One chewable multivitamin with 25 ounces of water from a steel bottle, then my day can begin. Sometime around dinner, usually and hour or two before, I chew another one with 25 ounces of water again. As long as I do that, I know that my body's cellular nutritional needs are being met. Water, vitamins, minerals and enzymes!

I began using GBG products after seeing a full endorsement video by Dr. Earl Mindell. With him being the best-selling nutritional author in history, having sold more than 11 MILLION books in 34 different languages, I have used Mindell's products for the past 10 years since they have always been the absolute best available barnone. Knowing that Doc has very high regard for GBG's chewable multivitamin, made it a no-brainer for me to join the GBG opportunity and use their products daily!

If you'd like to see Dr. Mindell's video on GBG, visit:


I would like to extend an invitation for you to join me in GBG by placing your chewable multivitamin order and begin building an optimal nutritional foundation for you and your family!

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