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Validation that my visual 4X4 Fatloss Plan works

Competitions show third party validation that my visual approach to wellness works to bring out one's best body.

I went from mid 40s and sedentary for 5+ years gaining 57 pounds of extra, unnecessary fatness, to manifesting a world-class muscular physique naturally, without the use of anabolic steroids, synthetic testosterone, HGH, or other chemical agents. I also didn't count calories, weigh food, prep meals and carry Tupperware around, or use any apps, meal services, nor did I hire a coach.

I did it 100% by sight, 100% solo, and so can you!

Both phase I fatloss to prime and phase II to superhero best each have different protocols, yet were done completely by sight and feel with the 4X4 approach, which is exactly how I believe we should be able to manage our body's state of wellbeing. I want to be an example of what is possible!

I took that simple 4X4 plan all the way to my very first Amateur Natural Bodybuilding show, and here are the results!

...I did emphasize amateur!

Imagine if we meet in person, and have an interesting discussion about my fitness philosophy, and you become curious about how I did it naturally, so relaxed, and then there were zero photos, or 3rd party documentation of results that are possible for you to attain as well. I used tools available to millions of us privileged to live in developed countries: simple whole foods from my local grocery store, specialized nutritional supplements, and a gym membership!

Three years of being 100% vegetarian, a long way from prime bodyweight!

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Norfolk VA - OCB PRO Qualified!

  • Category: Masters 40+ Bodybuilding
  • OCB Show Date: 09/12/2020
  • OCB Results Page: OCBonline.com

I know to my core that you can live in your fantasy body year-round too!

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